Linux: Monitoring Cronjob for apt-get and SMART

I am using this cronjob for monitoring updates and SMART values.

File: “/etc/cron.d/monitoring”

Dont forget to reload cron!

You will need this package: “smartmontools” for “smartctl”.

The output will be send via mail at root. You can configure that in “/etc/aliases” and then running “newaliases”.

Linux: md0 : active (auto-read-only) raid1

When you see this message in /proc/mdstat, it means that the raid partition is in auto-read-only mode. This mode is set when the device has not been written to since the last check.
In case of a normal partition, just try to write a file and the mode should disappear.
When its a swap partition, you can use this commands:

I got a cron email with this content, so i started investigating:

It seas about a Warning (W:), but i think it should rather be a notice…