Pidgin: ‘Fix’ for Bug #12238 with error “corrupt … blist.xml”

I use Pidgin for some IRC channels but there is a problem with some channels with special chars in their channel topic text. There seem to be some special chars that are used for colors and similar, but pidgin does not handle them correctly in the xml files like blist.xml (buddylist).

More about that bug in this tickets:

My fix for the bug: Creating a start script for pidgin, that converts the badly escaped stuff in the xml files:

Apache2: apr_sockaddr_info_get() failed for HOSTNAME

If your apache2 outputs this warning when starting, read along how to fix it:

Problem is that Apache2 is told to use a hostname that the system can not resolve.
Simple solution is to put HOSTNAME to the /etc/hosts file, like this:

If you have the problem that your /etc/hosts is ignored, check this article:
Linux: /etc/hosts gets ignored

Symfony2: Doctrine github Repos moved from symfony to doctrine

Today i tried to run php bin/vendors install and got this output:

and this:

You have to change dour deps file like this to resolve the problem:



Official change: