Erlang: Install R16B or R16A on Ubuntu or Debian via apt-get

I ran into a problem where erlang R15 had some segfaults i could not determine. In the #erlang Channel on Freenode i was told to try the newest R16B release of erlang. Instead of building R16B myself with configure and make, i searched for a deb repository and found one at

Check out this site, there is a howto for debian and rpm based distributions:

Ubuntu: 12.04 wrong layout when using Logitech Keyboards

I had a strange bug after installing Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin or Xubuntu.
Even when i selected “German” keyboard layout while installation, after a reboot the keyboard layout always switched back to English when using my Logitech K400 keyboard. When using other keyboards the bug did not appear.
The solution was to add a second keyboard layout like “German (without accents)”, what stopped switching back to English layout when using my Logitech K400 keyboard.